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1PARA is a multi-gaming community with realism and team play as their main objective as we attempt to pave our way in the vastness of the internet. 1PARA is about friendship inside the community and also with other clans/communities, we want to hold our heads high when representing our community.

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Community News

Battlefield 1

The newest game in the Battlefield franchise is also the first, chronologically speaking. Battlefield 1, which publisher Electronic Arts unveiled today on a global Twitch stream, is set during World War I. Occurring before EA's Battlefield 1942, which came out in 2002, this new entry is the earliest wartime game in the shooter series.

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Battlefield Servers

1PARA currently have 3 Battlefield Hardline servers. 1 x 66 slot Conquest Large, 1 x 52 slot Mixed Mode (TDM, Blood Money, Conquest large) and  1 x  24 slot Hotwire Servers.We still have our ever popular Battlefield 4 Conquest Large server (40 slots) as well. We look forward to seeing you all in our servers and don't forget to join us in our Teamspeak!!!!TS.1PARA.COM:9117

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