About Us

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1PARA is a multi-gaming community with realism and team play as their main objective as we attempt to pave our way in the vastness of the internet. 1PARA is about friendship inside the community and also with other clans/communities, we want to hold our heads high when representing our community.

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Clan News

Battlefield Servers

1PARA operate two Battlefield 4 hardcore servers at present. We have a 64 slot Hardcore Conquest Server and a 48 slot Hardcore Domination Server. All of the servers can be found by searching for 1PARA in the Battlelog server browser. When Battlefield Hardline is released, we will have a 64 slot Conquest Server, a 32 slot Heist Server and a 32 slot Mix Mode server. We hope to see you on our Battlefield.

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1Para are Recruiting

Interested in joining 1Para?We are always open to consider new members and are happy to welcome gamers from all across the globe. We are a large gaming community which plays a variety of games new and old. If you are wanting to join us please click the Join Us tab above and follow the simple instructions. Over 18's Only. Also join us on Teamspeak and speak to one of our Recruitment C.O's who will be glad to be of assistance.

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