Our ARMA community is a solid community with good players who are atracted to some higher level miltitary gaming, ARMA is a military simulator wich asks alot of patience from the player as you dont move from A to B withing 30 seconds, and wenn you get killed you need to or wait for a medic or respawn back at base and make the drive or flight to the AO again, but still the game attracts alot of people!
ARMA 3 EPOCH Server Rules (Server IP and Port:)

• No voice chat in side/global channel.
• No hacking/glitching/duping.

• No building within 600m radius of black dot traders without line of sight and 1000m with line of sight                                                                                               

•No Base Building in Airbase/Airfields

• English only in side channel chat. You're welcome to use other languages in other chat channels

• Racist comments are not allowed and will result in a temporary/permanently ban. Any player deemed by the admins to be overly abusive or making real life threats will be temporarily or permanently banned. This also applies to anyone abusing players via Teamspeak, social media or by other contact methods away from 1PARA. In addition, players imitating other players and admins in a manner that is deemed more than just fun trolling will be requested to stop and may be temporarily banned if they continue.

• You are allowed to block off military buildings, but building in towns / high loot areas is not allowed.

• No placing of jammers inside any inaccessible buildings etc.

• No callouts of killers location in side chat if you get killed.

• NO SHOOTING INTO OR OUT OF OR WITHIN STATIC TRADERS, do not abuse traders that have god mode to escape death or injury.

• Camping spawn points not allowed players must be minimum 100m distant from the spawn point.

• 1PARA Admins play on the server and play fair, we don't use Admin tools when playing. If you kill one, you'll find loot and crypto on our bodies. Accusations of "admin abuse" will not be tolerated. if you have an issue with an admin, leave a message on 1PARA  Forums.

• Server Restarts Every 3 Hours with 15 minutes Warning (12PM-3AM-6AM-9AM-12AM-3PM-6PM-9PM)

•Watch out for Admin Missions with Rewards

•New Players will get Starter Pack (items) free of charge as 1PARA won't charge anyone with real currency.

•To get Starter Pack ,you have to join our TS and Provide your Game and Steam id to our admins.

If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, find an admin in game/TeamSpeak or PM/Create a thread on forums.

New to Epoch? For help or more information go to find out what to do -

Want to team up instead? Join our ts3server (Ask for password in-Game or contact with 1PARA Member via Steam Group -1PARA-

To see changes we've made to the game click here for changelogs 

To support the server, visit and hit the paypaldonation icon at bottom right.

ARMA3 public server:
Even though ARMA3 is still not completly finished to the be the best military simulator, we got 1 ARMA3 server running with Ahoyworlds Invade & Annex with 40 slots, and we have only a few rules for our server:
No teamkilling or wrecking friendly base.
No abusive or racist comments in chat or over the VON.
All pilots need to be on the -1PARA- teamspeak to fly.
Listen to instructions given by -1PARA- members wenn they 
The -1PARA- Special Assault Group (S.A.G.):
We have a group of +-30 regulars who are active in the -1PARA- ARMA3 Special Assault Group (S.A.G.), and we are trying to play a massive selfmade COOP mission every sunday evening from 20:00 till +- 22:30, these missions can be assaulting, defending, hostage rescue but also patroling and convoy transport you name it and we will play it as member input is always welcome.
During S.A.G. nights, the level goes up and we create smaller squads uder the wing of a squadleader who listen to the -1PARA- commander during this mission, we dont use ranks during these missions everybody is able to play as squadleader and after that you can become mission commander when you feel experienced enough for this job.
A part of our ARMA community also plays ARMA2 DayZ daily, and as soon as the DayZ full version comes out we will be hosting at least 1 server for this, but now we still have a group of members still verry active play the ARMA2 DayZ mod.