Arma Ts

At 1Para we require all community members to be active on our Teamspeak servers. Certain games, Arma 3 for example, will impose other restrictions so please ensure that you are familiar with any game specific Teamspeak rules.

We try to keep the rules to a minimum so please ensure that you read and understand the following rules.

General Discord Rules

  • Breaking any of the Teamspeak rules may result in a ban
  • We must insist that you refrain from comments which are racist, bigoted, or which otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion. Hate propaganda is met with zero tolerance
  • No Spamming in chat box
  • No Advertising of any kind
  • No posting of pornographic links of any kind
  • Teamspeak is "PUSH TO TALK" ONLY!!!
  • It is imperative you join the correct channel when in game, e.g. don't join a Battlefield game when in the Call Of Duty channel
  • Absolutely NO gaming in the Chill Zone / AFK Channel
  • If moved to another channel by a Server Admin, stay in that channel until further notice (You are unlikely to be moved unless an Admin wants to talk to you privately)
  • Seek permission before entering ANY HQ Channels
  • Excessive drunken behaviour will result in a 24 hour ban!
  • Excessive whining in game will not be tolerated and will result in a 24 hour ban. (Persistent offenders will be kicked from our community)
  • Your input into Teamspeak will be monitored. Joining Discord and failing to participate in chat on a regular basis will be viewed as a breach of the Communities Rules, and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Belching down ANY form of comms in-game chat or via team speak will result in a 24 hour ban! (Most of us wear headsets and we don't wish to hear you belching directly into our ears). Persistent offenders will be removed from team speak, the clan and the forums!!!
  • Do not "poke" or "message" any member who is in a match channel
  • Respect all people on Discord
  • The use of names such as "Tard/ Ret@rd/ Spastic/ Window Licker" are NOT acceptable phrases to be used on our Teamspeak 

Arma 3 Specific TeamSpeak Rules

  • Pilot MUST be on Teamspeak and in the correct channel before they fly. Any pilots not on TeamSpeak will be kicked from the server, repeated abuse of this will lead to a ban
  • If the server is full you may be asked to give way for donating members
  • Excessive team killing is not allowed, if you do accidentally team kill you must apologise immediately
  • Abuse of 1PARA members and/or public players is not allowed Blatant destruction of vehicles/aircraft is not allowed
  • As a community we operate a 3 strike system for kicking/bans, however, if your actions can not be explained immediately , you will be kicked instantly and pending a further investigation be banned from our server(s)