Our community first became involved in Dice's Battlefield series when Battlefield 2 was released. Since then, we have played Battlefield 2142, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. We also play Battlefield Hardline which seems to be the most team work and squad based gameplay to date. 1PARA prides itself on team and squad work while playing the objectives using good communication in our Battlefield comms channels. The main focus of our gameplay in our community is to have fun, have a laugh and to really enjoy ourselves by having a laugh and winding each other up. Our community has a very relaxed atmosphere and is a fun and friendly place to meet new friends from different countries and all walks of life. Battlefield tags/ patches are a precious commodity here in 1PARA and our members will go out of their way to take yours!!!!

The age of our Battlefield members ranges from 18 years to over 50 years and skill levels vary also. Enjoyable gameplay, having access to comms and our own dedicated gaming servers means our members Battlefield gaming needs are adequately met here in our gaming community. Our community do play competitively in leagues which meet our gaming standards and we also enjoy playing against other gaming communities in friendly matches. This ensures that all our members have a chance to play in fun wars/ clan matches as they please.

The main rule we have adopted in Battlefield is the No Jumping Under Fire rule. Jumping under fire is stupid, it looks ridiculous and we don't do it. We define no jumping under fire as one jump when under fire and jumping around corners. Our Admins work hard to ensure your visit to our servers and comms is enjoyable, so please treat them with respect.

If any of the above information appeals to you, join our TS3, our forums, then post an application. We look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield soldier!!