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Joining the 1Para community is easy,

First join our Teamspeak server and get to know our members. You may also want to join our form to keep upto date with the community. 

If after a few weeks you wish to join then first ensure you are registered on the forum and use the 'Join' link at the top of the page. You MUST be registered on the forum to be able to join 1Para. Please use the Forum link at the top of the page to access the forum.

You will be required to fill in an application form. Once you have submitted the application it will be reviewed by one of the Community Organisers (C.O.) and if approved they will arrange to discuss your application on Teamspeak, this discussion is to provide you with a bit more information on the Community and to ensure that you understand the rules.

If following the discussion your application is approved then you will enter a probationary period. The normal duration of this is three months but can be reduced at the discretion of a C.O.

Once you have passed the probationary period you will be promoted to full community member. To pass the probationary period you must ensure that you

  • Regularly play on our servers
  • Join Teamspeak
  • Visit the forum on a regular basis

Before starting the process of joining 1Para please ensure that you meet the following requirements

  • You must be over 18. There are NO exceptions to this rule. 1Para is a mature gaming community.
  • Have a working microphone
  • Speak English. We welcome community members from all over the world and English is used as the common language.

Whilst we do not require community members to donate without donations the community would not exist. We do not expect people to necessarily donate every month but please consider donating whenever you can.

Donations are used to

  • Purchase the game and voice communications servers
  • Pay for the website hosting